This is just a sampling of the beers that we brew. You can find our current tap list on our menu page.

McCoy Creek Scottish Ale

A light-bodied Scottish-style Ale with a malty caramel, biscuit-y, roasted and toasted flavor (thanks to the malts used). It has a mild hop flavor and moderate bitterness, made with traditional Scottish/Irish yeast strains and hops.

Stinkingwater Milk Stout

Chocolate and roasted malt gives a taste of coffee, chocolate, and light hints of roasted barley. Finish is sweet from the added lactose (hence the term milk or sweet stout).

Unfortunate IPA

This traditional American IPA has a careful balance of hops and malts. It’s amber in color and has a sweet caramel backbone, mild bitterness, and a unique hop profile (from spicy/floral to citrus/fruity).

Buena Vista

To be added.

Outhouse Oatmeal Stout

Dark, creamy body with a chocolate, caramel, and roasted flavor made with our homestead-found hops (transplanted to our onsite brewery). A dash of oats add a smooth mouth feel.

Big Indian ESB

Recipe was developed to mirror a traditional English Pale Ale. The body is light, caramelly, and biscuit-y. Bitterness is medium due to additions of several of our homestead hops. An English yeast strain gives a floral, fruity, berry-esque flavor.

Riddle Ranch Irish Red

Dark Red Irish Ale, the traditional style. It’s dry with a smoky, roasted taste and a sweet, light finish. Hop bitterness is just enough to compliment the malts.

Petroglyph Porter

This traditional English-style beer got its name from the porters who worked the docks and streets of London in the 1700s. Complex malt profile of caramel and chocolate, yet light-bodied and highly drinkable. Made with traditional English hops.

Whorehouse Meadows Wheat

A unique spin on the traditional American Wheat Beer. We added grapefruit and orange peel rinds late into the boil to give this highly drinkable beer a crisp, citrus taste with a smooth wheat body. It’s a perfect beer for a hot summer day.

Harney Valley Pale Ale

A golden-colored American Pale Ale with a light malty flavor and medium hop bitterness. All hops used in this beer are grown in the Harney Valley our “homestead” hop garden at the brewery.

Robert Burns Wee Heavy

A classic “wee heavy” Scottish Ale.  Sweet caramel taste with hints of dark roasted malts add to a heavy-bodied (hence the name) ale with a high ABV yet a smooth, sweet finish. Sometimes referred to as a dessert beer.

Harney Strong Ale

We focused on a traditional English Strong Ale when developing this recipe. It’s heavy on specialty malts, giving it a strong body and an equally strong ABV. It’s made with the one of the brewer’s favorite hops. Profile is malty with earthy, floral, and stonefruit flavors.

Chuckar's Revenge Dark Ale

To be added.